Learn more about a new, interactive program that enables leaders and teams to remain focused in productive in these fear-filled times.

Fear: The Shadow Contagion

Fear, anxiety and overwhelm are nearly as contagious as the Coronavirus itself. Negative emotions create huge emotional and psychological challenges for all of us. Threats to our personal safety and the safety of our loved ones. 

Like the virus, fear is difficult to contain and it can spread rapidly and exponentially. Fear saps our energy and narrows our perspective. At a time when we need to be at our best in order to function calmly, rationally and sustainably, leaders and their teams are feeling overwhelmed -- unable to focus, think creatively, manage and make or the most intelligent choices for the short and the long term.

Businesses need to act now to help their people manage stress and learn long-term resilience practices to stay healthy and productive in the face of perpetual uncertainty. 

Build resilience across distributed teams 

Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the world-wide transition to remote work, The Fear Factor: Coping with Panic and Uncertainty During Crisis is a virtual learning experience that arms participants with practical strategies for maintaining their emotional, physical and mental well-being. 

Program overview

The learning experience starts with an interactive 90-minute webinar that helps participants understand what happens in their bodies and minds in the face of uncertainty and threat. We explore tools and strategies for getting out of "survival mode" and guide participants in building a long-term self-care plan to strengthen resilience and well-being.

The Energy Project's CEO Tony Schwartz on MSNBC: "As soon as you feel panic, your capacity diminishes dramatically." 


Establishing a sustainable culture of resilience in today's new normal

To sustain the webinar learning and help the behaviors stick, participants will receive a series of weekly coaching videos featuring our CEO Tony Schwartz. He will provide up-to-date strategies for managing through the Coronavirus crisis.  We will also provide a cohort facilitation guide so that participants can continue the learning through peer discussion and support groups.

A downloadable course overview is available here.

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About The Energy Project

The Energy Project is a boutique training and consulting company that helps organizations thrive in uncertainty by energizing their people and helping them become more agile, resilient and productive.

Our systematic, people-first approach can be rolled out virtually and achieves measurable improvements in engagement, performance and retention. And perhaps more importantly, it can help you and your people maintain your well-being through the hardest of times.